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Kingdom Kids Church

Kingdom Kids Nursery:  

A place for children six months through three years old to learn, play, and be cared for in a safe and exciting environment. Your child, with your permission, will be provided a healthy snack.

Kingdom Kids:

Children four years old to age ten will have the opportunity to learn Biblical principles, stories, and applicable Biblical skills for an every day, expectant Christian walk during their time in Kingdom Kids Church. Your child, with your permission, will be provided a healthy snack.  

First time at the River?

  • A ROG Kids staff member will introduce themselves to you and help you get acquainted with the structure of our program and provide you with the appropriate check-in paperwork.

  • Children remain with their parents throughout testimony time and worship

  • Parents escort their children to their age appropriate classroom, sign them in, and will pick them up after service. 

  • Please provide socks for nursery age children- no shoes or bare feet are allowed (parents too!)

  • If you need to enter a Kingdom Kids Classroom please knock on the door and wait for a staff member to open the door. This helps keep our children safe!

  • A private place to nurse is available within the prayer room near the coffee bar. 

  • Please note, if your child has been recently sick, they must be fever and/or diarrhea free for a minimum of 24 hours before attending Children's Church. 

Additional information:

  • Please label your child's belongings!

  • If you provide a snack for your child, please do not bring peanut/tree nut products.

  • We encourage and welcome children's participation in worship! Freely move about the sanctuary during worship including flagging and dance, as long as they are accompanied by an adult! Children, however, are not allowed on the sanctuary stage/steps at any time. 

  • Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times outside of Children's Church.

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