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Leaping Into the God-Known

By now all of America is well versed in the knowledge that the new President Elect is one Donald J. Trump. He won the electoral majority by pulling off swing wins like Texas, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, but lost the popular vote by 202,340 votes (as of late Wednesday, November 9, 2016)

The social media and news outlet onslaught of the Liberal Democratic #nevertrump demographic losing their minds ensued as soon as it was clear a Trump presidency would irrefutably be the outcome. There were tears and sobs, as millions of invested democrats watched everything they pinned their identity on crumble. Everything they stood for was lost by 51 electoral votes.

They're hope for a future, for even a tomorrow vanished. Their reservations on personal safety, freedoms, and liberties disappeared via a democratic vote.

A full week later, their sorrow and horror has not dissipated. Instead, hundreds of thousands have gathered across the country to partake in protests some have better labeled as tantrums. In many cases, these protests have become violent. Reports of violence have gone viral stemming from both camps. Blatant racism has seemingly resurged in the most disgusting ways.

The media runs rampant, sliding their view whichever way they financially and popularly benefit, with little to no accountability. Who is to tell anymore what is news, what is media, and what is just social media.

And with all that being said, today I can validate people's fears.

Now, stay with me a moment. I promise I'm not a Clinton sympathizer.

But take a walk quick in their shoes:

For so many, they invested their very existence in this election. And as their candidate conceded, they lost their hope, their reason for mustering up the strength to face another day. Their hope for an equal, tolerant, welcoming tomorrow is gone. The progress of the country, the glory of America, has utterly been decimated.

For so many others, violence stemming from racism is real and prevalent in the last few days. For unfortunately many, their safety is in question. Media, without accountability, has painted a picture of a white, misogynistic, racist, rapist now as our President Elect. Because this is what media has created around Trump, him being elected seemingly unjustly validated the practice of racist ideology, regardless of the accuracy of these labels over him.

So church, here's your chance; Here's your charge.


Broken people are literally everywhere sobbing in masses, raging in the street, and getting ready to stage action in ways we haven't seen in history.

So what will you do?

First off, validate their feelings. They're emotionally, physically, and who knows, probably spiritually invested in this cause for #hesnotmypresident. Be sensitive, kind, and show them you care EVEN THOUGH your platform and foundation are hopefully totally different. Stand up and treat them like human beings made in the image of God.

Second, and it's a repeat from the first, be sensitive, kind, and show them that you care. Preaching Hell-fire will most likely only cause someone to donate to Planned Parenthood in your name (but for real). Speak out across the scary party line. Jesus leaped over the party lines, across ethnicities, bombarding through religions and income levels to talk to people extremely different than Him. You. Should. Too.

Thirdly, and most seriously, love them by emulating Jesus. Love all parts of them. We, as the hands and feet of Jesus, are not called to condemn. Instead we are to bring them into relationship with the our One and only, Jesus Christ. It is through His words, and the conviction of the Holy Spirit hearts are soften and transformed- NOT through your forceful pressure.

How do you bring someone to Jesus who so blatantly refuses everything you stand for? BE CONTAGIOUS. The Jesus in you should be so incredibly apparent and desirable that they you make them wonder what makes life so good in your weird, Trump supporting world.

Be contagious like laughter, unstoppable, enjoyable, and life-giving.

Be contagious like lice, hard to rid of and it always seems to creep back into your life even once you thought it was gone.... haha, but seriously.

Be contagious like the newest iPhone, and how you can't live without it, no matter how hard you try.

In all seriousness though? We are on the most marvelous cusp of revival America has ever seen. We are on a precipice, balancing precariously between diving head first and pulling back from one of the biggest open doors God has given to revival in our great country!

It's going to take immense action, much personal sacrifice, and mighty prayers. We can't afford to stop barraging Heaven and taking authority for this nation.

It's going to take YOU getting out of YOUR comfort zone and leaping into the GOD ZONE. When the Harvest is ready, there are no personal bubbles you can't pop with a timely word from the Lord and the mighty hand of God.

So turn your ears to the Lord, and set your heart on revival. Be so full of His grace and compassion you can't look past another broken hearted, hopeless #nevertrumper without invading their world with the love of Christ. Be so full of righteousness and mercy, you stop racism, bullying, and abuse in it's tracks, offering hope in the dark places. Back away from politics and immerse yourself in the cause of love, which is so contagious and beautiful the world cannot stop staring... yearning.

Are you ready Christians? It's time to leap into the unknown, the God-known, headfirst. Our country is waiting for you.

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