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Matthew 12:30

Every day, our lives are filled with hundreds, if not thousands of choices and decisions.

Should I press snooze?

Do I eat the bagel with cream cheese, or opt for an apple and a cup of coffee?

Go ten over to get to work on time, or go the speed limit and be three minutes late?

Hmm, to procrastinate a work project till the last possible minute, because it won't take that long tomorrow...

Join in at the water cooler gossip trench to "discuss" the new girl's ugly- I mean unique- sweater, or invite the new girl to hit the coffee shop with you at lunch?

To bail on the husband and kids for dinner to make it to that new workout class?

I know I've binged watched four episodes already, but I think just one more will be fine before bed. It's only 11:00 pm.

Those are just a few decisions to confront throughout the day. Often times these decisions aren't Heaven or Hell issues. They don't really seem to effect anyone at all. Like really, choosing a bagel over an apple? And who cares if I speed a little to get to work on time. That girl at work is just going through the "new co-worker right of passage." And I'm the only who suffers if I binged watched two more episodes till like one am.

Here's the reality though. Every choice you make is either for the Glory of God, or for the glory of the god of this world, Satan. There is no in between.

The apple over the bagel moves you in the right direction of proper temple care; healthy physical care for your body that effects your husband, family, and ultimately wider circles like friends and co-workers. Unhealthy eating habits can be role-modeled to your kids who internalize poor diets, while you slowly send your health into a demise.

Whether we like it or not, speed limits are set for a reason by authority to protect us in one way, shape, or form. And, who sets authorities into place? That's right, God. Through our local and governmental authorities, the Lord uses them to keep us safe, even if we think a 35 mph speed limit would be more fitting for that stretch of road. Disobeying is purposely walking away from His covering.

The girl with the unique sweater? She's right on the edge of her life. No one likes her at work- what she thought was her dream job, her marriage fell apart after yet another miscarriage, and her mom isn't speaking to her since she moved a couple states away. She's debating on swallowing the bottle of pills she got from her doctor to help with pain of her last miscarriage. Your friendship might literally save her life.

And the binged watched Netflix show? Well, maybe it's a wonderful, wholesome show. It brings you relaxation and refreshment, enjoyment and ease of mind. Or maybe it's actually a violent, over-sexualized, sit com that blasphemes God and worships the values of this world. Not to mention, it's taking you away from your spouse and ample amounts of sleep that keeps you in top performance shape.

The reality of all of these choices comes back to the main point. Are you glorifying God in these decisions? Have you thanked Him for His provision in the first place? Are you choosing to put Him first, finding your rest, refreshment, and peace of mind in Him?

Many daily choices are not inherently evil, and often don't even get much of a passing thought. But they truly matter. The heart behind the deed matters. The desire or need behind a decision matters. The ripple effect matters.

Those are the things that point to Heaven, or point to Hell.

So when you go about your day today, keep this verse in mind of Jesus saying,

“Anyone who isn’t with me opposes me, and anyone who isn’t working with me is actually working against me.”

‭‭Matthew‬ ‭12:30‬ ‭

The Lord tells us to go about our days ceaselessly praying and communing with Him. Today I exhort you to bring Him into your decision making. Ask Him to show you how one choice or another effects those around you. Be sensitive to His smile as you thoughtfully choose to glorify Him even through the minor decisions. Seek His rest, contentment and peace above the worldly options like mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, throwing on a worldly radio station, or skimming through some worldly publication.

He wants us to choose Him time and time again. He loves us with a vastness that extends into even the most minor moments of our days.

He constantly desires to show us His nature, show us His promises, and display His glory through each and every second.

Will you let Him?

Will you choose Jesus today?

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