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It's Worth It.

What is Love?

It's something everyone craves. A desire that left unmet leaves people in shambles. It's a feeling so overwhelming you can't help but be transformed.

It's more than a red card on Valentine's Day, or roses on an anniversary. It's bigger than a well planned, elaborate marriage proposal. Love is deeper than shared finances and a shared bed.

It's a shared life. It's a devoted life. It's servitude to another.

It's sacrifice. It's YOU before ME. It's empowering and uplifting.

Love is hard. It's not always pretty. Sometimes it hurts.

It takes time to cultivate it to get it right, often with a lot of wrong done to figure it out. Sometimes the aftermath of a disaster is a better description of Love than a blooming rose, or a coy smile from across the room.

But it's worth it.

Once you feel Love, you will never be the same. Your heart, your soul, your spirit will yearn for the knowledge of Love. It will crave it.

Once you get a taste of it, you'll go to the ends of the earth for it.

And no, not for the love of your spouse... your kids... love from your own parents. But for the Love that knew you from the moment you were conceived, and even before the beginning of time itself. The Love that met you deep in your mammas womb and holds all the days of your life lovingly in Its hands.

The Love that when welcomed to make home in your heart will transform your life, delivering you from bondage, shame, and pain. Love that has great plans for our future, ones for good, not evil. Love that sacrificed everything, so we would be captive by nothing but He who is great.

If you know not of this Love that wakes you each morning and makes each day worth living, cry out to Him who is Love.

To Jesus who came to earth as man to provide freedom, deliverance, healing and life to those who encounter and said yes to Him.

To Jesus who died a sinners death on the Cross of Calvary, though sinless by nature, so we would be free to come to God the Father without hinderance for today, tomorrow and all of eternity.

To Jesus who rose three days later, conquering death, hell and the grave so we can walk freely from this life straight to Heaven and into the arms of our Savior.

His Love will transform you from death and oppression, to freedom and life. His Love will surround you with wholeness and promise. It will fill the space left behind after separation from God as you become one with Love.

It will be hard at first to put down your pride, telling Love you need Him. It will be messy and dirty, full of fall out and struggle as you lay each broken place at Love's feet.

But it will be worth it.

It will take the sacrifice of YOUR best life now, for HIS best life for eternity. It will mean taking on the mind, heart, and eyes of Jesus each day, letting go of what you know for what He knows.

But it will be worth it.

It will take intentionality and devotion to continue cultivating a relationship with Love each and every day. It will take a servants heart to put Love first, and share Love with others in truth, and word, and deed.

But it will be worth it.

Choose Love today. You wont regret a life lived with Love, for Love, and in Love.

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